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Renewal Plans

Ann Morrison Park is a 153-acre urban park, Boise's largest, located on the Boise River between Capital Boulevard, Americana Boulevard, and Crescent Rim Drive. The park was created by Morrison-Knudsen co-founder Harry W. Morrison in honor of his late wife, Ann Morrison, and was given to the city in June of 1959. Currently, the park is the host to many area celebrations, including Fourth of July fireworks and Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. It is a place to play tennis, soccer, bocce, and frisbee golf, as well as a terminus when  rafting the Boise River.

*Create safe pedestrian and bike access from Crescent Rim on each side of the park


*Improve signage at park entryways

*Upgrade to an interactive fountain

*Revamp the rafters take-out area to ease congestion and river access


*Restore the  clock tower


Now Open!

* Together Treasure Valley Dog Island-

an off-leash swim area for Boise's dogs.

Please contact Bonnie at

208-345-5225 or come.play@annmorrisonpark.org

 if you wish to contribute to the effort.

Also feel free to send a check to the

Morrison Foundation office

(see Contact Us for address).

Please include Ann Morrison Park in the memo line.


For every $1 donated, the Harry W. Morrison Foundation plans to commit $1, as does the City of Boise.*

Your dollar will grow to $3! 

*to a maximum of  $2 million per entity

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